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Personal Insurance for Your Home, Vehicle, & More

The road of life is full of sudden twists and turns. That’s why Calvert Pearson offers a multitude of personal insurance policies designed to protect you from unplanned risks that would typically result in a large financial burden. Whether it’s a fender bender or a broken pipe in your house, our experts can help you through the experiences you least expect.

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Comprehensive Auto Coverage 

The two most important coverage options under your auto insurance are your liabilities in an at-fault accident and the physical damage coverage to repair or replace your vehicle. Automotive insurance policies can be rounded out by other coverages, such as medical income loss and even towing. Protect yourself today by choosing the most comprehensive coverage for traveling.

Custom Homeowner’s Insurance | Personal Liability Coverage

Homeowners’ insurance is designed to protect one of your biggest assets: your home (along with the contents within). Whether you’re just starting out with that first home or you’ve finally obtained the house of your dreams, it is crucial to protect your investment with a reasonable homeowners’ insurance policy. The best policy is one that is affordable, yet still offers peace of mind and the knowledge that not all will be lost in the event of a disaster. Customize your policy today for personal liabilities and additional coverage for your family.

Liquor Liability or Event Liability

Make sure your events are protected! Whether you need liquor liability or event liability to protect you on your big day, Calvert Pearson can assist you with selecting the best and most cost-efficient policy that will leave your family with memories in place of bills.

Umbrella Insurance Policies for Additional Liability Coverage

Not unlike our business umbrella coverage, personal umbrella insurance policies are designed to provide an additional layer of liability coverage to your home, vehicle, or other assets. Learn more about personal umbrella policies today and add another layer of protection to your current personal insurance policies.

Coverage Plans For Specialty Vehicles & Equipment | ATV, Watercraft, & Motor Home Insurance

Calvert Pearson also offers a variety of miscellaneous insurance policies that cover vehicles such as ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, antique cars, motor homes, travel trailers, various farm equipment, and more. Like any other major investment, these purchases require an appropriate insurance policy to shield them from certain risks. Calvert Pearson is in the business of peace of mind, offering a wide range of specialized insurance for all of your specialty vehicles or equipment.

What Our Customers are Saying

Very knowledgeable staff. Very helpful.

Chuck Clark

Love the down home vibe and friendly faces.

Heather W.

I’ve been a happy customer ever since I learned how to drive. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive, and they treat you like a valued partner. Special shout-out to Tim Lyon who exemplifies top notch customer service.

Nelson Murphy

I’ve worked with the Calvert Pearson group for many years! They have always been friendly, and have always offered great advice!

Dennis J. Maguire Jr.

I was in a small fender bender, and not only did they call me back to see how I was doing, but had started the claims process with Travelers within an hour. It’s times like these that I’m thankful to have great insurance!

Shelley Ward